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  • Mosquitoes: What You Need To Know
  • Mosquitoes: What You Need To Know
  • Mosquitoes: What You Need To Know
  • Mosquitoes: What You Need To Know
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Mosquitoes: What You Need To Know

Dead mosquito

Tweet Every year, thousands of people escape the indoors to go experience the outside beauty and refreshing air that nature brings. There is always one issue that usually pops up depending, on the location where you’re at. BUGS! Where there are bugs there are usually bug bites; which no one likes. The main contributing pest… Read More

Knoxville Local #askjacob Trending


Tweet While checking out twitter today, my curiosity was peaked as I noticed the hashtag #askjacob was trending. This got me wondering: Who exactly is this Jacob? Why are so many people asking him questions? What kind of questions are those in the twittersphere asking him? I set out on a journey to learn more… Read More

Red Fire Ants

Fire Ant Sign

Tweet Since the early 1930’s Red Fire ants have been taking over. Red Fire ants have been able to thrive here, because one queen can produce millions of workers in her life span. What does the Red Fire ant look like and what does it eat? The Red Fire ant is a reddish color and… Read More

(Video) A Cockroach Ate My Donut

Tweet While these repulsive bugs will eat just about anything, a roaches favorite foods are sweets and starches… Like donuts!!! Keep your donuts away from these vile, disease spreading bugs, with professional Knoxville Cockroach Extermination. For Professional Knoxville Cockroach Extermination Call 888-624-3683 Related articles The 3 Most Common Knoxville Pests Bulwark Opens Knoxville and Chattanooga… Read More

Nashville Pest Control

Nashville Pest Control

Tweet Nashville, TN is the home of country music. Many great country artists have started off playing in Nashville and then end up at the Grand Ole Opry.  Nashville is also home to the Tennessee Titans, Lane Motor Museum, Belmont University, and the Nashville Zoo. Nashville is also home to millions of pests. Some of… Read More

3 Home Remedies For Knoxville Pests

snail beer

Tweet The great city of Knoxville is home to the mighty Tennessee Vols football team. Unfortunately, Knoxville is also home to a variety of pests as well. Some of these pests include: spiders, roaches, ants, termites, and ticks. In Knoxville; millipedes, aphids, snails and slugs are also very common and can cause damage to your… Read More

Knoxville Black Widow Spiders

Black Widow Egg Sacs

Tweet Did you know that country music super star Kenny Chesney, the singing duo The Everly Brothers, NFL superstar and Superbowl winner Peyton Manning and popular TV actress Christina Hendricks are all famous Knoxvillians? While Knoxville is home to many well-known famous celebrities, there is another resident who is famous for all of the wrong… Read More

Tennessee Brown Recluse Spiders

Wood Pile

Tweet As you’re sitting on your computer right now, stop whatever you are doing for a quick second. Take a look around. Now I’m going to tell you something that may terrify you. You are likely in the proximity of a spider at this very moment, and you probably don’t even know it! If you… Read More

The 3 Most Common Knoxville Pests

Black Widow

Tweet Knoxville, Tennessee has some of the most striking, immaculate homes in the country. This real estate is sought after by residents who want some of the country’s best. All of the city’s pristine beauty, along with Knoxville’s many attractions, lure people in and leave them wanting to buy or build homes. We aren’t the… Read More

7 Beneficial Insects


Tweet Beneficial insects (sometimes called beneficial bugs) are common species of insects, that provide valuable, natural pest control services. By providing suitable living conditions homeowners can encourage the growth and development of beneficial insects, as an effective and natural pest control strategy. Introducing natural methods and beneficial insects can provide excellent control, with minimal impact… Read More